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The jaali or jail will have ornamental pattern which is constructed through the use of some calligraphy and geometry. These forms of architectural decoration are common in Indo-Islamic architecture and most often seen in Islamic architecture. The jaalis can add to the beauty of the room or your space. Moreover, it can bring an ornamental look without having much decoration. This is especially used to get that fusion look of Indian and Arabic architecture. The Tapco is the leading tile brand to provide different patterns of jaalis in Thrissur.

The popularity of the jaalis in the ancient time can be represented by the designs in TajMahal. Similarly, few other ancient architecture like BibikaMaqbara, Tomb of SalimChisti, Champaner, windows of Pattadakal, PattadakalVirupaksha temple and Chola temple. Earlier these detailing were done by carving stones in geometric patterns. The Mugals started using very finely carved plant based designs. They also used marble and semi-precious stones.


We must be aware of the jaalis and its benefits before choosing them for our houses. During ancient time, jaalis were used to make the space look beautiful and also to have air passages. The jaalis can lower the temperature inside by compressing the air through the holes. Thus it will better to have jaalis in some spaces if we are constructing large houses or any other spaces. When the air passes through the openings of jaalis, its velocity will increase profound diffusion. We can compare the jaalisof ancient time seen in Kerala and Konkan with that of the Gujarat and Rajasthan. The areas of Kerala and Konkan are comparatively humid and have larger holes with overall lower capacity. In case of Gujarat and Rajasthan, these areas are comparatively dry climate region and had small hole on jaalis. Since the ancient time it is clear that they used jaalis for letting the air passage.

The Tapco is manufacturing different patterned jaalis. They are manufactured out of pure clay. Having these inside your houses will definitely give a cooling effect. This cooling effect can be due to the natural clay used in their production and also the air passage they will bring. Thus the Tapco is the popular jaali manufacturer in Thrissur.


The Tapco is providing premium quality jaalis in many different patterns. The availability of wide variety of collection is helping the customers to choose the best suitable one. You will definitely find the kind of jaali that will match your kind of architecture or interior design. They are quality ensured by the Tapco tiles before delivering to the customers. When they are perfectly installed in your spaces, it will be a reason to make your space to look beautiful.Moreover, the standard of these jaalis will make your space to look awesome. The Tapco is providing all kinds of tiles at reasonable prices and also with good quality. The Tapco is the best jaali tile dealer in Thrissurand is in the field of tile business since more than 4 decades.

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