The place Kottakkal of Malappuram district is famous with the Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala. It is a known place around the world due to this and people from different areas will come here for treatment. Moreover, the people here have good concepts regarding their houses. All these actually lead to the search and use of quality roof tiles on their roofs. The ultimate word for roof tiles in Kottakkal is the Tapco roof tiles. Most of the people here choose to have the Tapco roof tiles for their roofs.


The Tapco roofing is responsible for providing beautiful roof tiles in Kottakkal and all the areas of Malappuram district. The attraction towards our roof tiles is present all over India. Our roof tiles are foreign made mostly and very attractive. There is no doubt that these roof tiles are going to add the external beauty of your houses. As the roofs are a major part of your exteriors they must look good to have a beautiful house. These beautiful roof tiles from the Tapco tiles are not costly and will not empty your pockets. Thus it is providing the low cost roof tiles in Kottakkal with good quality.


The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco will not let the excess heat from the sunlight to enter inside the home. Thus these roof tiles are also known as cool roof tiles. Many people are now suggesting Tapco roof tiles, as being comfortable at home is very important. This will also help in reducing the electricity bills as the roof tiles have some coolant properties.

Over the years, the Tapco has proven itself to be best for the roofs and for the owner’s pockets. The Tapco’s roof tiles are the best clay roof tiles in Alappuzha that will let your home to stay cooler even in hot climates.


Most of the house owners will face the problem of roof damages or they require frequent maintenance. This is not so when you to have the Tapco ceramic roof tiles on your roofs. Roofs are the upper most part that will protect your interiors, family, valuables and everything inside your home from the exterior part. Thus having roof tiles capable to perform this duty perfectly is very much important.

The Tapco roof tiles will be perfect for protecting your house. All these roof tiles have a special protective layer on it. This will prevent the roof tile from damage and thus prevents the preventing the interior parts of your house. Frequent needs for roof maintenance are a loss of money and time for the customers. You don’t have to face these problems when you have a good quality roof tile like Tapco for your roofs. The Tapco roof tiles are the most protective roof tiles in Kottakkal.


Most of the areas in Malappuram including the Kottakkal are prone to get high temperature in the summer. The ceramic roof tiles are prone to have cooling effect on the houses. This is the major reason behind the widespread use of the ceramic roof tiles all around the world. The Tapco ceramic roof tiles will perfectly meet this need of the people. These are the most cool ceramic roof tiles in Kerala. Due to the usage of the pure clay for the manufacturing of the Tapco ceramic roof tiles, these are providing a better cooling effect. Having the ceramic roof tiles from Tapco will make you feel cool and good inside your home. Moreover, it will help you to reduce the electricity bills as you are not in need for fan or air conditioner always.

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