Thodupuzha is the largest city in the Idukki district. It is a fastest growing commercial place in India. It is a blessed place with natural scenic beauty and best place for nature lovers to this. In the recent years, there was an improved interest in this area for promoting tourism. This has actually leaded to the creation of beautiful houses and other buildings. Usage of roof tiles is an unavoidable part in the exterior of adorable houses. Most of the people here are choosing the Tapco roof tiles for their roofs. Here we can see the reason behind this.


Choosing from large numbers is always better than choosing from less number. The Tapco truly understands your difficulty in choosing the roof tile from less numbers. Thus we are offering you wide varieties of roof tiles from which you can select the most suitable one. While selecting you can apply some filters regarding the colors or patterns, then choose the best for you.

Since the roof tiles play a major role in maintaining the beauty of exterior part of your house, it is better to choose adorable roof tiles. Moreover, it must be the one that will perfectly suit the architectural design of the building. The exterior part must be good looking to attract tourists and travelers into it. Thus having suitable roof tiles is a very important thing in places like Thodupuzha. The Tapco roof tiles are the best roof tile brand in Thodupuzha.


The Tapco roof tiles are the best roof tiles that can withstand all the climatic conditions. The Thodupuzha is a place that faces different extremes of climatic conditions. There may be heavy rain during monsoon and high temperature during summer. The special extra layer on the top of the roof tiles are providing protection against damages. During the heavy rain fall or storms, there are increased chances for roof tile damage or misplacing from their space. The Tapco roofing is the best roof tile installing team and will install roof tiles perfectly on the roof. To avoid such awkward situations people here always go for the Tapco roofing solutions.

Along with or after rain fall, another most common problem faced by house owners is the mosses. It is always better to choose the roof tiles that are less prone to this condition. All kinds of roof tiles from Tapco are anti-fungal and are very less prone to the algae or fungal infections. Due to this the beauty of your house is maintained for long time with less or no maintenance. During the summer when heat reaches with high temperature on the roof tiles it will also damage the roofs. The Tapco roof tiles meets good quality and such damages will not happen with any of the Tapco’s roof tiles. Moreover, these roof tiles will also resist the entering of the excess heat inside the houses. Thus the Tapco is helping the people inside to stay cool in summer.

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