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The roof tiles are a major part of our roofs and it has several advantages on the roofs. Other than just giving protection from the exterior it accounts for the beauty of your house. Thus it is very important to select a best and suitable one for your roof. Due to the sudden and extreme climatic changes in Kerala, the roofs are prone to damages. Using a good quality roof tile should be given more priority than anything regarding the roof. Thus most of the people in Kerala choose the Tapco roof tiles for their home, as it is a best and leading roof tile dealer in Pathanamthitta.


Most of the roof tiles from the Tapco roofing are foreign made. They are not just foreign made, but they are made of pure and quality raw materials. There are different roofing materials like ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles and roofing shingles from Tapco. Each one is made under advanced technologies and is quality checked. The Tapco will deliver only quality checked roof tiles to the

customers. These are the foreign made roof tiles that can withstand heavy and sudden climates. We offer you different kinds of roof tiles available in different colors and sizes that are created from different countries. There are different roof tiles suitable for different architectural structures. The well dedicated and experienced team of Tapco will install the roof tiles perfectly on your roofs. Thus, when you have a plan to fix good quality roof tiles on your roof Tapco will be the best roof tile company in Pathanamthitta.


The usages of ceramic roof tiles were present centuries before. The quality ceramic roof tiles among them are still present on some ancient monuments. After the centuries have passed still that love for these roof tiles remains and people choose them. This actually shows the love for ceramic roof tiles in humans from years back. But keeping a low standard one will not give a long life on your roof. The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are best in quality and will meet international quality standards. They are given

with special layers to withstand the climatic changes. It will be highly durable in conditions like heavy wind, sun’s heat, heavy rain or anything. These roof tiles are fire resistant and noise resistant. Thus they can help the home owners inside the house in a better way than the other roof tile brands. The outer layer is anti-fungal and due to this the roof tiles will not get green easily. This will help to maintain the beauty of your house for long years. Actually this property of Tapco ceramic roof tiles attracted many people and now Tapco is the brand with leading ceramic roof tiles in Pathanamthitta.

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