Natural Clay Roof Tiles

Transform Your Roofing Experience With Tapco’s Premium Roof Tiles

For generations, ceramic roof tiles have been a popular option for roofing materials, and for good reason. They provide several advantages that make them a great choice for both residential and commercial structures, making them strong and beautiful. Your roof adds character and beauty to the exterior of your home and serves as more than just a protective layer. You need the highest-quality roofing materials to build a roofing masterpiece that endures and exudes timeless elegance. 

We at Tapco are extremely proud to be the top provider of high-end natural and ceramic roofing tiles in Kerala. This blog by Tapco will you more about our roofing solutions’ artistry, toughness, and beauty, which will raise your property to new heights.

Embrace Excellence with Ceramic Roof Tiles 

  1. Aesthetic Marvel: ceramic roof tiles are a testament to artistry and sophistication. At Tapco, our range of ceramic roof tiles comes in an array of exquisite designs, textures, and shades. This offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  2. Enduring Beauty: Our ceramic roof tiles are crafted with precision and care to maintain their allure for decades. The tiles are resistant to fading, ensuring your roof remains a sight to behold, even in the face of Kerala’s challenging weather conditions.
  3. Low Maintenance: Ceramic roof tiles require little maintenance, and they are resistant to mold and algae growth.
  4. Weather Resistance: Kerala’s monsoons can be relentless but with premium roof tiles which are ceramic the roof will stay leak-free and well-protected during heavy rain and storms. 

Discover Timeless Elegance With Natural Clay Roof Tiles

  1. Genuine Craftsmanship: Our natural clay roof tiles are made with the finest clay available, evoking the spirit of age-old craftsmanship. Each tile bears witness to Kerala’s rich architectural history. 
  1. Earthy Warmth: Our clay roof tiles’ warm, earthy tones produce a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for homes tucked away in Kerala’s verdant surroundings.
  1. Exceptional Durability: Natural clay roof tiles are known for having an exceptional capacity for endurance. Our tiles at Tapco are expertly baked, guaranteeing unrivaled durability and strength.
  1. Sustainable Option: As pioneers of environmentally friendly construction methods, we take satisfaction in providing natural clay roof tiles that are recyclable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Why Choose Tapco for Your Roofing Needs?

  1. Expertise and Legacy: With decades of experience, Tapco has earned a reputation for delivering roofing solutions of the highest caliber.
  2. Premium Quality: Tapco’s ceramic and natural clay roof tiles undergo rigorous quality checks to meet the highest industry standards.
  3. Dedicated Customer Service: At Tapco, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is always ready to offer professional advice and assistance to help you make the right roofing choices.
  4. Wide Distribution Network: Tapco’s roofing materials are available across Kerala, making it convenient for homeowners and builders to access our top-quality products.


With Tapco’s premium roof tiles which are ceramic and natural, your roof becomes a masterpiece that combines aesthetics, durability, and sustainability. Trust in the legacy of Tapco, the roofing partner that cherishes the traditions of Kerala while embracing the future of roofing innovation.

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