Smarter Roofing System for Smarter Homes

The climatic conditions of most places in India face two extremes. There will be extreme heat in the summer and heavy rain in the winter. While selecting roof tiles for Indian homes we need to be very careful. Tapco Tiles is presenting the best quality roof tiles in India that are suitable for all sorts of Indian climates. With excellence in bringing the best quality roofing solutions, Tapco is the leading roof tile brand in India.

With over 4 decades in the field of manufacturing and dealing with roof tiles, Tapco has a good history in this field. Tapco is the first company to introduce Aquaizol roof shingles in India.

Tiles that are Sustainable

Choosing your construction materials to be sustainable is important. Otherwise, it will cost our environment. Constructions are increasing day by day and the usage of non-biodegradable substances will cause problems to our mother nature. Thus, construction and building materials should be sustainable. Tapco is the leading roof tile manufacturer to create sustainable roofing materials in India.

Thermal Management

The roofs are the uppermost part of the house. They are responsible to protect the house from all kinds of external influences. Heat is the major thing that affects the roofs in Kerala. From the house of Tapco tiles, you will get roof tiles in different colors and patterns that can withstand heat. Tapco is the leading company in bringing cool roof tiles in Chennai.

Roof Tiles to Increase the Property Value

Having the best quality and good-looking roof tiles on the top of your home will definitely increase the value of your property. The roof crown from Tapco will increase the standard and value of your home. Moreover, they will face only less maintenance in the future. Which is an additional benefit to the homeowner.

Tiles that Manage any Climatic Conditions

All-weather roof tiles are necessary for the climatic conditions of Kerala. All the areas in Kerala are facing heavy rain in the rainy season and are facing high heat in the summer season. Thus all-weather roof tiles are necessary for the roof of Kerala. Tapco Tiles are bringing the best quality roof tiles in Chennai, Mumbai, and Kerala that can withstand all harsh climatic conditions.

Solar Roof Tiles

Tapco is introducing solar roof tiles, which are creating revolutionary roofing in Kerala. These are the best quality solar roof tiles that are capable of generating energy. This has made many people choose Tapco solar roof tiles for their homes.

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