Understanding the Different Types of Roof Shingles

It is crucial for you to know various roof shingles if you want to choose the right roofing material for your house. At Tapcotiles, we are proud of the fact that we offer ,Best quality roof shingles in Kerala  that ensure your home will be protected while still looking good with time when it comes to supporting the initial cost of procurement. In this article we are going to look through different kinds of roof shingles that will help you make an informed choice about your roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, the favoured roofing material of many are asphalt shingles. They are classified into two: organic and fiberglass. Organic shingles consist of paper saturated with asphalt, whereas fiberglass shingles are composed of a fiberglass mat core. The two types are covered in mineral particles to shield against UV rays as well as reinforce strength. Being available in diverse designs and colors, asphalt shingles are good for any type of house.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles provide a natural and rural look that may improve any home’s attraction. They are hard-wearing and insulate very well due to being usually made from cedar wood, redwood or pine. Nonetheless, they demand to be updated constantly for their presentation & being environmental friendly. In spite of that fact, various people still opt for wooden shingles due to their visual appeal and environmental sustainability

Metal Shingles

People often remark about its long-lastingness and endurance if they are to talk about metallic shingles because this material cannot be affected at all by bad atmospheric conditions; be it wind force of hurricane strength or large-scale rainfallful water drops. 

 Clay and Concrete Shingles

They are created from Natural clay roofing tiles that is shaped into a form and then baked in an oven before cooling down in the fresh air for several weeks so as not to shatter when hit by raindrops; or also, from a mixture of cement and sand. Requirements enhance the goodness of both types concerning the lifespan, fireproof as well as energy conservation measurements. They are accessible in numerous colors plus patterns permitting designing elasticity. Nonetheless, they are massive plus might need more reinforcement just like slate tiles do.

Composite Shingles        

Composite shingles refer to those kinds of shingles which also have other names including engineered or synthetic shingles.They blend asphalt, fiberglass, and recycled materials, to mimic wood, slate, and tile for a variety of design possibilities. When compared to other roofing materials such as wood, slate and tile; these shingles are light, can last for long and do not need much work which is to be done on them.

Choosing the Best Quality Roof Shingles in Kerala

We understand the particular requirements of homeowners in Kerala. These roof shingles are meant to resist the weather conditions in the area for durable protection and beautiful appearance of a house. Apart from just roofing materials, we are major suppliers of Terracotta wall tiles in Kerala and regarded as one the ,Best terracotta jaali manufacturer in Kerala Our standards of quality and attention to the customer make us different from others in this business.

If you’re choosing roof shingles, some important criteria to keep in mind include how long-lasting they are; whether or not they need regular care (e.g., cleaning); their appearance; cost-effectiveness. By making an appropriate selection of this material, one could make their house secure as well as attractive over time. Check out our assortment on top-notch roof tile collections available at Kerala and refurbish your building using Tapcotiles products.

What you need to know before installing rooftop solar panels

Roof solar panels are gaining popularity as the world gravitates towards sustainable energy solutions. At TapcoTiles, we comprehend the significance of well-thought-out decisions when it comes to rooftop solar panels installations. If you are thinking of the Best solar roof tiles in India or looking for the best solar roof tile dealer in India, here’s what you should be aware of before making a change

Understand Your Energy Needs

To determine the size and capacity of the solar panel system that you require, it is important that you know how much energy you are using. Look at your electricity bills to establish an approximate monthly and annual figure of how much power you consume. By so doing, you will be able to determine the number of solar panels that will be sufficient to cater for your energy requirements. Design a solution that will fit your consumption model with India’s best solar rooftop tiles to minimize grid dependency.

Choose the Right Solar Roofing

It is important to choose the right category for the kind of solar roofing. It is true that normal solar panels are widely used. But now attention is being paid to solar roof tiles because they are beautiful and they work well. As a leading Indian distributor, Tapco Tiles offers premium solar roof tiles that seamlessly complement your existing ones.

Professional Installation

A solar panel installation is successful only if those conducting it are well versed and experienced on this sector. Therefore, individuals in need of them should look for certified professionals who have been doing this for a while. An experienced installer will do site evaluation, come up with a perfect design for the system then install it fast. When you choose TapcoTiles, be assured of having the best solar roofing in Kerala fixed for you by professionals putting customer satisfaction and quality ahead of everything else.

Environmental Benefits

If you install rooftop solar panels, this will help reduce the carbon emissions as well as fossil fuel dependency. Solar power is one source of clean energy that fights against climate change and advances sustainable life in the future.

Cost and Savings

Solar roof tiles initially may cost more than traditional panels, but future energy savings and a likely increase in property values can make the investment worthwhile. To make solar roofing accessible, you can get competitive pricing and finance from Tapco Tiles.

Maintenance and Monitoring

To maintain your solar panel system you need to keep an eye on such things. With regular maintenance you can be sure that your system will function with maximum efficiency as possible. The majority of systems are typically built to be able to track energy production and identify issues early on. TapcoTiles offers complete maintenance services to ensure your solar roofing’s long-term performance and reliability.


A great measure toward sustainable living is Installation of solar panels on rooftops According to these factors, with TapcoTiles, select Best Solar roof tiles kerala to enable you decide on undertakings at home that are friendly to both the house involved and the surroundings. TapcoTiles encourages everyone to use solar power so as to help conserve environment.

The Superiority of Clay Roofing Tiles

Clay tiles are something that exists in the world for many generations. It dates back to certain ancient civilisations. Clay tiles maintain the status of being one of the popular building materials even in the twenty first century. Tapco is one of the leading claytile roof brands in Thrissur. Having numerous advantages, these materials have established its superiority to other roofing materials.

Clay tiles were traditionally hand-crafted. Being a versatile building material, it can be molded to form various shapes. Today, clay tiles are available to the customers in various colours, profiles, shapes, patterns and textures. As the production process has undergone a shift, thousands of clay tiles can be manufactured in a day. Here are some points that convey the importance of clay roofing tiles:


The beauty of the clay tiles has captured the hearts of people as of many years. They are also a significant part of historic building that give the buildings an antique as well as a grand appearance. Tapco provides natural clayroof tiles that beautify your homes. Clay tiles convey the character and significance of many heritage structures. The roof of a building can convey many factors about that particular building.


The luxurious effect that the clay roof tiles provide is one of the major reasons for people choosing these tiles for their houses. The multitude of designs, colours and textures attract the customers. This also helps in complementing the style and colour created in the house by architects and designers. These also go perfectly with every type of roof renovation, especially if you wish to add a touch of heritage look. The opportunity to customise the roofs according to the taste of the homeowner becomes possible with our clay rooftile in Trivandrum.


Clay roofs can be found in many archaeological sites even today! What more is required to know the durability of these tiles? Proper installation enables clay roof tiles to survive a hundred years and more. So if you wish to have a long term application, clay roof tiles are the best option. They resist fire, decay, dust, rot, and water damage. 

Low Maintenance

Since they are produced in extremely high temperatures, the colour of the tiles never fades. Since they are resilient to rust, they are suitable to be used for homes near the sea. Thus, after the installation, you require little or no effort for the maintenance of these tiles. Tapco’s clay roofing tiles in Chalakudy has grown to be one of the top destinations for clay roof solutions. 

Eco Friendly

Since clay is a part of earth and is extracted from earth, it contains various benefits to the environment. During the production process, clay does emit harmful gases and they have high sustainability. When the clay roofs are dismantled, a complete recycling of these tiles becomes possible. This, in turn, can be used in the production of new clay tiles. Thus, since clay roofing tiles have numerous merits, it will continue to be one of the top choices even in the future.