Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Tile Brand for Your Kerala Home

When choosing the best tile brand for your Kerala home, there are several factors that you should consider. You can make an informed decision and choose the best tile brands in Kerala for your home that meets your needs, style, and budget. The quality of the tiles is a critical factor. Look for a brand that produces high-quality tiles that are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear. Tiles come in various designs, patterns, and colors. Choose a brand that offers a range of design options that fit your aesthetic preferences and the decor of your home. Different tile materials have different properties and benefits. For example, ceramic tiles are durable and easy to maintain, while natural stone tiles have a more rustic and earthy feel. Choose the material based on your needs and way of life. Tiles come in various sizes and shapes, including squares, rectangles, and hexagons. Consider the size and shape of the tiles you need, depending on the area of your home you are tiling. The cost of tiles can vary greatly depending on the brand, material, design, and quality. Set a budget and look for a brand that offers good quality tiles at a reasonable price.  Look for a brand that provides clear instructions and support for the installation process. This includes the use of the right adhesive, grout, and underlayment to ensure the tiles are properly installed and last for a long time. Finding the best floor tile dealers in Kerala will help you get a better home flooring experience. Consider the brand’s reputation and track record in the industry. And look for reviews and feedback from other customers to get a sense of their experience with the brand.

When selecting tiles, it is important to consider their intended use, the material’s durability, and its ability to resist stains, scratches, and water damage. It’s also essential to ensure proper installation, using the appropriate type of adhesive, grout, and underlayment.

Best Tile Brands in Kerala

There are several reputable tile brands in Kerala that offer high-quality and durable tiles. The best tile brand often depends on personal preference, budget, and specific needs. Tapco tiles are one of the well-known tile brands in Kerala. Offer a wide range of tiles, including ceramic, floor, terracotta, and solar tiles, in various sizes, colors, and designs. Tapco tiles are known for their durability, quality, and affordable prices. We have a strong network of dealers and showrooms across Kerala, making it easy to find their products. We are also the best floor tile dealers in Kerala. Providing different kind of tiles like wall tiles, floor tiles, jaali tiles, ceramic roof tiles and also the best quality solar rooftiles in Kerala. In order for you to start using your new system right away, our team of skilled installers will handle every part of your installation with care and attention to detail.

How To Choose Roof Shingles in India

Roofing shingles are a type of roof covering made of individual overlapping elements, typically flat and rectangular in shape, that are installed in a series from the bottom of the roof up to its ridge. They are used to protect and weatherproof the roof of a building and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Roofing shingles are typically made of asphalt, wood, or composite materials and come in various styles, colors, and shapes. Roofing shingles come in two types: composition and hot-dipped galvanized metal. The composition shingle is made of layers of asphalt or tar paper covered with a plastic film that provides a smooth surface for painting. Hot-dipped galvanized metal is composed entirely of galvanized steel sheeting coated with zinc to produce a durable metal sheet with slag (a product created when zinc reacts with oxygen during production) that protects against rusting when exposed to sunlight or rainwater. Roofing shingles can be installed directly over any kind of roof surface including flat roofs and cathedral ceilings. Shingles must be nailed into place using special nails designed for this purpose. Some types require additional support such as rafters or joists for proper installation on roofs that have been previously.

When choosing roof shingles in India, consider the following factors:

Climate: Choose shingles that are suitable for the climate in your area. For example, if you live in a hot and humid region, choose shingles that are resistant to heat and moisture.

Budget: Consider your budget when choosing roof shingles. High-end shingles are typically more expensive but offer better durability and appearance.

Style: Choose a style of shingle that complements the architecture and appearance of your home.

Material: Choose a material for your shingles that is durable, low maintenance, and fits your budget. Popular options include asphalt, wood, and composite shingles.

Brand reputation: Research the reputation of different brands of roofing shingles before making a purchase. Look for brands with a proven track record of producing high-quality products.

Warranty: Look for a warranty that covers both the materials and labor for installing the shingles. This will give you peace of mind in case of any defects or problems with your roof.

Consulting with a professional roofing contractor can also be helpful in choosing the right roof shingles for your home in India. Tapco provides the best quality roof shingles in Kerala.

Do You Know the Difference Between Roofing Shingles and Roofing Tiles?

Roofing shingles and roofing tiles are two different types of roof coverings used to protect and weatherproof the roof of a building. The main difference between the two is their composition and design. Roofing shingles are typically made of asphalt, wood, or composite materials and are flat and rectangular in shape. They are installed in a series from the bottom of the roof up to its ridge, with each shingle overlapping the one below it. Roofing tiles, on the other hand, are typically made of clay or concrete and have a curved or interlocking design. They are installed in a series from the bottom of the roof up to its ridge, with each tile fitting securely over the one below it. Both roofing shingles and roofing tiles have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, such as durability, cost, and appearance. When choosing between the two, it is important to consider the climate, architecture, and budget of your home.

Roofing shingles are a type of roof covering made of individual overlapping elements, typically flat and rectangular in shape, that are installed in a series from the bottom of the roof up to its ridge. They serve as a building’s roof’s defense against the elements, aesthetic appeal, and weatherproofing. Roofing shingles can be found in a variety of designs, hues, and forms and are often constructed of asphalt, wood, or composite materials. Roofing tiles are a type of roof covering made of clay or concrete, with a curved or interlocking design. They are used to protect and weatherproof the roof of a building and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Roofing tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes and are commonly used in regions with hot, dry climates.

Tapco provides roofing tiles in Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and all over Kerala. As a top manufacturer of roof shingles in India, we offer our top-notch services along with years of expertise in the roofing sector. There are many types of roofs available today. They can differ in terms of height, slope, color, and texture. In order to choose the right one for your home or business you need to know what type you want and how it will look on your property. And the cost involved in installing roofing shingles depends on various factors like location, the material used, etc. It depends on whether you will be installing them yourself or hiring professional contractors for this purpose. Roofing shingles are an attractive way to finish a roof, and they can be quite long-lasting if properly maintained. If you’re interested in installing a new roof, don’t forget to consider Tapco as an option. You might be surprised at how nice they look, and how long they will last.

Why Solar Roofing is the Next Big Thing in Solar Energy

Solar roofing is one of the best solar panel options you could use because it is a great alternative to the traditional heating and cooling systems. The good part about it is that you don’t need to buy expensive heating and cooling systems in your house and save a lot of money by installing this solar roofing system. The best solar roofing in Kerala is a new concept in India. Every individual has their own budget and many prefer to spend on getting their home better with some good quality exterior or interior decoration rather than adopting solar power. Despite spending money on new things, these customers also want to preserve their budget by avoiding any extra expenses. There are various options available which can help you in achieving your goal of energy independence but at the same time are not as expensive as it may seem initially. In fact, you can expect to save up to 50% on your electricity bills if you stick with the best solar roof shingles for longer periods of time. Solar energy is the clean and efficient energy source that today’s world town is desperately looking for. Solar power is one of the most common sources in Kerala as well as around the globe, which have made solar products very popular and many donors flowing into solar projects to reduce their cost of electricity consumption.

If you have a solar roofing project in mind, then Tapco must be known to you. This article will help you know more about the best solar roofing in Kerala and the reasons why it makes sense to install it on the home or commercial building. The solar power generated from the solar panels on your roof can be used for lighting, hot water or cooling systems inside your home. Tapco will install your new Solar Roof Tiles by using high quality materials and cutting edge technology. We offer a wide range of colors and styles so you can choose the one that fits your home best! Our team of professional installers will handle all aspects of your installation with care and attention to detail so that you can enjoy your new system right away! Solar roofing is a new technology that has been developed in recent years. It is a way of using solar energy to provide energy for your home. The main advantage of using solar panels on your roof is that it will reduce your electricity bills by up to 70%. Tapco provide the best Solar roofing in Kerala. Thin photovoltaic (PV) sheets are used to create solar shingles, also known as solar roof tiles, which can either cover or replace the existing shingles on a roof. They take in solar energy and transform it into electricity.

Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing is a new technology that has been introduced to the market. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional roofs. The main advantage of solar roofing is that it doesn’t require any maintenance and hence can be left unattended for years. The benefits of using solar panels can be seen on every level. For example it reduces the use of fossil fuels and thus green energy, improves air quality and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Another benefit is that you can save money on your monthly utility bills and reduce your exposure to global warming.

Cost effective: The initial investment required for installing a solar roof is not very high as compared to other conventional types of roofs. The maintenance cost also remains low because there’s no need for regular cleaning or painting activities on these roofs.

Long term benefit: Solar panels produce electricity throughout the day even when there isn’t any sunlight, thus saving your electricity bill significantly, especially during peak hours when you need most power from your system. Additionally, since there’s no need for regular cleaning or painting activities on these roofs, they will last longer than traditional ones and thus save you money over time too!

Environment friendly: Solar panels are made up of thin photovoltaic (PV) sheets that convert light into electricity directly without emitting any harmful gases such as carbon dioxide etc., so there’s no pollution caused by them either!

Solar roofing is a great way of harnessing the sun’s power to help you save money on your electricity bills. The benefits of solar roofing include:

  • Saving money on your energy bills
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved aesthetics and curb appeal

Tapco provides the best Solar roofing in Kerala. A solar roof is an easy way to enjoy clean energy without taking up any extra space. The electricity generated can be used for various household purposes. You can feel satisfied that you are using clean, renewable energy while saving money on your monthly utility bills. We provide a variety of residential solar panel and commercial installation services, including in-roof or on-roof systems, which are customized to fit your needs.

Things to look out for when getting roof shingles in India

There are a wide variety of roofing shingles available in the market. To make a selection, you need to first do a little bit of research. This can be done by going online and reading reviews from consumers or professionals who have used them in the past. A client may have their roof replaced with a set of roofing shingles from one company and wish to replace another roof with roofing shingles from another company. For this reason, finding the right roof shingle is vital. Previous years might have seen customers who purchased traditional natural slate or something else similar purchasing only 5 to 10 among the most common types but now there are thousands of options out there as well as various solutions so you need some assistance when looking at finding the best option for your property or business. The most important things to consider when you’re looking to replace your roof are the style, form, and size of the shingles as well as their color. If this is done correctly from the outset, then your new installation will provide years of satisfactory service. There are a wide variety of styles, forms, and sizes for roof shingles in India.

Whether your roof needs replacing or you need to build a new one, there are a wide variety of styles, forms, and sizes for roof shingles. Due to this, customers searching for the finest options for replacing their roof or creating a new roof from scratch are frequently unsure of what to buy. In order to help you make a better informed selection, roofing contractors in India can assist with the initial assessment of your needs. Start the process of determining the best roofing shingles for your requirements right now. The selection of the best roofing shingles for your home should begin with a thorough understanding of what choices are available. There are a wide variety of styles, forms, and sizes for roof shingles. Due to this, customers searching for the finest options for replacing their roof or creating a new roof from scratch are frequently unsure of what to buy. Tapco is one of the best roof tile brand in Kerala that provides quality roof shingles.

Different Facts About Roof Shingles

When choosing the best roofing shingles for your property, you need to consider a few key factors. One of these is cost. While it is not necessary that you spend more money on quality materials than on cheaper ones, it is still important that you do not pay too much for inferior ones as well. Roof shingle styles vary from traditional flat styles to modern curved and distinctive ones. Some are made with wood while others are made from other materials like concrete tiles or metal sheets. What matters most when choosing the right type of roof shingle is what type of material it is made from and its texture as well as color variations within them. Roof shingles are a very common type of roofing in India. In order to do this, it is important to understand the basic differences between the various types of roof shingles in India. The first thing that needs to be considered is whether or not you would like to get a new roof or some other kind of repair work done on your current one. If you have any doubts about this, then it is best if you seek professional help. It is important to understand how the different types of roofing shingles are manufactured before making your selection. You may also need to take into account what kind of climate you live in so that you can make an informed decision about which kind of shingle would suit your needs best. Your home’s climate will determine what type of roofing material will work best for your property’s specific climate conditions. Roofing contractors in India can help with all of these aspects in order to ensure that they produce high quality products that meet their customer’s expectations and needs perfectly. Roofing contractors in India have a wide range of options available to them. They can help you select the best roofing shingle for your needs, including those that fit your budget, style, and environment.

Roofing shingles come in three different categories:

Asphalt Shingles:

These are the most common and cost-effective options available. They are generally made from asphalt, which is a type of mineral that comes from petroleum products. Asphalt shingles are usually black in color and can be used on nearly any type of roofing material.

Wooden Shingles:

These are another popular option for homeowners who want to replace their existing roof with something new but don’t want to spend too much money at once on their home’s exterior. Wooden shingles come in all sorts of colors and styles that match the décor of your home perfectly.

Metal Shingles:

Metal roofs are becoming more popular these days because they’re more durable than other types of roofs and they look great as well! Metal roofing is available in many different styles and colors too!

When making a choice about your roofing needs, you have many factors to consider. The tone of your home and architectural style will undoubtedly play a role in your decision. As with any large home improvement project, careful planning is required to ensure the best choice of materials are selected. As a provider of the best quality roof shingles in Kerala, Tapco will assist you through this planning process and provide expert advice regarding installation to guarantee the longevity and beauty of your new roofing system. In order to replace your roof or create a new roof from scratch, you need to consider the various roofing shingles currently available. Shingle styles, forms, and sizes can vary greatly depending on the application. Choosing the proper shingle for your needs can help you save money and time in future maintenance.

How Solar Roof Tiles Really Works?

Solar roof tiles were introduced in the recent years. It is actually a revolutionary move in the construction and building industry as it can make the population to save electricity. This is especially important as saving electricity is a major concern in a developing country like India. At times, we are facing lack of raw materials for production of electricity. Tapco tiles, the most popular roof tile brand in India is introducing best solar roof tiles in India.

A Step for Sustainable Housing

Tapco is bringing this to market as a new and improved version of resilient, miniature solar panels. This is a monumental step for proponents of sustainable housing. Solar roof tiles can contribute to the concept of sustainable living and green building in India. We believe the solar cell roof tiles have the potential to make a big impact in a country like India.

What are the Benefits we can Expect with Solar Roof Tiles?

In the last few years, we might have seen the installation of conventional solar panels on the top of houses. The solar roof tiles are actually different from this conventional form of solar panels. The solar shingles are especially infused with copper indium gallium (di) selenade (CIGS). It will allow the thin solar films to bring maximum conversion efficiency. The solar tiles are not only sun-soaking like solar panels, but they are also easy to install. Solar panels are traditionally of large frame products with silicone cells. It must be placed usually in a way by drilling onto a roof through existing shingles. It is then sealed with caulk to ensure watertightness. With excellent quality solar roof tiles, Tapco is the leading solar roof tile dealer in India.

Solar shingles on the other hand requires no drilling. They have quickly become the roof, not as the extension of the roof. The solar roof tiles actually fall under the category of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs). These are solar modules that are incorporated on buildings as construction materials. You may be aware that BIPV is already a trending topic in green

Aesthetically Pleasing Sustainable Roofing Solutions

In case of roofing, being sustainable alone will not do the job. It is very important to be aesthetically pleasing. Tapco is introducing good looking, high quality and highly durable solar roof tiles. These solar roofing solutions can definitely add beauty to your home’s exterior. With over 4 decades of experience in the roofing field, Tapco is the leading company to provide sustainable roofing solutions in India.

The Superiority of Clay Roofing Tiles

Clay tiles are something that exists in the world for many generations. It dates back to certain ancient civilisations. Clay tiles maintain the status of being one of the popular building materials even in the twenty first century. Tapco is one of the leading claytile roof brands in Thrissur. Having numerous advantages, these materials have established its superiority to other roofing materials.

Clay tiles were traditionally hand-crafted. Being a versatile building material, it can be molded to form various shapes. Today, clay tiles are available to the customers in various colours, profiles, shapes, patterns and textures. As the production process has undergone a shift, thousands of clay tiles can be manufactured in a day. Here are some points that convey the importance of clay roofing tiles:


The beauty of the clay tiles has captured the hearts of people as of many years. They are also a significant part of historic building that give the buildings an antique as well as a grand appearance. Tapco provides natural clayroof tiles that beautify your homes. Clay tiles convey the character and significance of many heritage structures. The roof of a building can convey many factors about that particular building.


The luxurious effect that the clay roof tiles provide is one of the major reasons for people choosing these tiles for their houses. The multitude of designs, colours and textures attract the customers. This also helps in complementing the style and colour created in the house by architects and designers. These also go perfectly with every type of roof renovation, especially if you wish to add a touch of heritage look. The opportunity to customise the roofs according to the taste of the homeowner becomes possible with our clay rooftile in Trivandrum.


Clay roofs can be found in many archaeological sites even today! What more is required to know the durability of these tiles? Proper installation enables clay roof tiles to survive a hundred years and more. So if you wish to have a long term application, clay roof tiles are the best option. They resist fire, decay, dust, rot, and water damage. 

Low Maintenance

Since they are produced in extremely high temperatures, the colour of the tiles never fades. Since they are resilient to rust, they are suitable to be used for homes near the sea. Thus, after the installation, you require little or no effort for the maintenance of these tiles. Tapco’s clay roofing tiles in Chalakudy has grown to be one of the top destinations for clay roof solutions. 

Eco Friendly

Since clay is a part of earth and is extracted from earth, it contains various benefits to the environment. During the production process, clay does emit harmful gases and they have high sustainability. When the clay roofs are dismantled, a complete recycling of these tiles becomes possible. This, in turn, can be used in the production of new clay tiles. Thus, since clay roofing tiles have numerous merits, it will continue to be one of the top choices even in the future.

Why are Ceramic Tiles Highly Recommended?

Ceramic tiles have been the top choice of millions of people due to many reasons. The appealing look of the tiles combined with its other advantages have made it the cherished material. The major merits of the tiles such as low cost, versatility, and durability has always attracted the customers.Tapco provides the best ceramic brand roof tiles in Chikmagalur. They are available in a variety of colours, patterns, designs,and textures. Ceramic tiles come as glossy, glazed, unglazed, super glossy or matte finish. It is a highly recommended tile with a high commercial value. 

When it comes to roofing, ceramic tile shingles provide an elegant touch and an impressive style to all the roofs. As it provides a distinctive design and has a resilient nature, it is chosen by many people. It has an excellent reputation for durability and performance. They also resist strong winds, heavy rain and extreme heat. Tapco’s ceramic roof tiles in Calicut is a highly popular establishment. Sometimes, ceramic tiles are used synonymous with clay tiles as the ceramic tile shingles are made of clay.

Beautify your home

A variety of ceramic tiles are available according to the varied taste of customers. They can be found in the shape and palette required by the customers that suits their particular needs. The vast choice of colours such as a calming blue, light yellow, pista green and so on allows the customer to create his own dream roof. Some customers even pair colours such as richly coloured ceramic with metal or copper touch inorder to develop an antique impression. Thus ceramic tiles gives the customers flexibility and chance to design their own roofs to create a personalised aesthetic touch to homes. Tapco’s budget friendly ceramic roof tiles price in Bangalore have made it a sought after brand in Bangalore. 

High durability

The longevity and superior strength of ceramic tiles make it the master among the roof tiles. Since they are exposed to high temperatures during its making process, it can withstand fire and provide durability against harsh climatic conditions. It is said that a ceramic roof tile will last about minimum 50 years with proper maintenance. Some ceramic roof tiles are known to have lasted for 100 years or more. 

Energy efficiency

Yes, you read that right. Choosing ceramic tiles for your roofing will enable you to save energy. The peculiar shape of the tiles and the composition enables air to flow freely below the shingles. This ensures that the roof will be warm during the winter as it retains warm air, and also cooler in winters. Thus the need to turn on air conditioners and heaters will be reduced. Thus ceramic roofs have the potential to save energy. We have achieved credibility as the best provider of ceramic roofing tiles in Kerala

Environmental friendly

The recyclable and natural materials used in the production of the tiles as well as the production without chemical preservatives in it makes it eco friendly. It will even make your home cleaner by circulating clean air since ceramic roof tiles keep away dust. It will also reduce household allergens. There are innumerable people in our society that suffer from allergies. For such people this option will be most suitable. 

The Merits of Floor Tiling

Can we imagine a house today without tiles? Definitely not. As the world changes at a rapid pace, the demand for modern tiles rises. Floor tiling has been an inevitable part of households. This budget friendly option comes in various types, designs, colours, patterns and textures. It is difficult to decide which flooring tile is to be used, as thus is the range of flooring tiles in today’s world. Tapco provides you with some wonderful choices to select from.

The Necessity of Floor Tiling:

Adaptability and Versatality

Tile floors became so popular in our homes due to different reasons. A major reason is its adaptability to all types of environments. Tapco is a leading floor tile brand in Kerala that has a great tradition. As flooring tiles have a wide variety of options to choose from, people tend to use it more. Tiles are available according to one’s tastes and preferences. This versatility helps customers to decorate their houses as per their requirement. We provide you flooring tiles that seem to be new even after years.


The durability of floor tiles is another factor that encourages people to choose tiles. It can last for years and requires less maintenance. If tiles are properly installed and maintained, it can last for more than ten years. Being the best tiles brand in Kerala, we provide quality tiles. There is no need to replace it periodically. The tough texture of the tiles makes it impossible to break due to constant use. It is also rarely that tiles develop cracks. If anything happens to tiles, it can be easily replaced.

Cleanliness and Budget Friendly

Floor tiling offers a cleaner atmosphere than the alternative options. For instance, a carpet absorbs dirt and requires a daily maintenance. Since the surface of the tiles do not absorb impurities, and can be easily removed, tiles are a better option. It is suitable to people who have allergies. The versatility of tiles ensures that flooring tiles are available in different budgets. Quality tiles are available in all the budgets, giving the tiles its popularity. Our budget friendly floor tiles in Thrissur, caters to the demand of customers.

Resistance to Heat and Environment Friendly

Tiles such as ceramics and porcelains are known for their resistance to high temperature. Since they are fire resistant, tiles is the better option to use in the kitchen. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are best suitable in hot weather as it can provide a cool atmosphere. Tiles are often environment friendly. They are made of raw materials that are easily available. Sand, clay, grass etc., are used in the making of tiles and thus they do not harm or exploit the environment.


When it comes to elegance, floor tiles can be the best option. The exquisite designs, colours, and texture of the tiles can be utilized to create an elegant look. Grandeur comes with the right choice. We offer you great ideas to transform your house or workplace. By choosing us, you choose the best partners in tiles. Choose tapco, choose the best floor tile dealer in Kerala.

Bring Out the Beauty of your House with Adorable Shingles

In the recent years, the roofing shingles have become highly popular. This popularity is mainly due to the beautiful look it can give. Roofing shingles are now a major roofing option around the world due to the look and benefits it offers. Tapco is the leading company to provide roof shingles in India. Tapco roof shingles are the best of its kind and well known as long lasting roof shingles. With us you will have the best roofing options to bring out the beauty of your dream home. With roofing over generations, Tapco is now the one-stop solution for all your roofing needs.

Roofing Shingles for Different Architectural Designs

The exterior of our dream home matters a lot. We consider to add certain things while construction to add beauty to the house. Ultimately, there are certain things that will add beauty to the house. Architectural designs of a house play a major role in the final look of the building. There are different styles of architectural designs used and they demand different kinds of construction materials. Roofing shingles are a kind of roof tile which suits many different architectural needs. Tapco is the leading roof tile manufacturer in India to deliver different kinds of roofing solutions.

Aquaizol Roof Shingles

Tapco is the leading dealer of Aquaizol roof shingles in India. Aquaizol roof shingles are well known for its quality, beauty and varieties it offers. When compared to the ceramic roof tiles and clay roof tiles, roof shingles are usually less durable.Aquaizol roof shingles lack usual drawbacks that are faced by the roofing shingles like less durability.

With the Aquazol, Tapco is bringing wide varieties of roof shingles to India. Thus, the beauty of European homes is now available in India with Tapco. The varieties and colours of roof shingles available from Tapco makes it as a leading one among the best roof tile brands in India.

Roof Shingles at Reasonable Prices

Tapco is dealing with roof shingles and other roofing tiles of good quality. Many of these roofing materials are manufactured by the Tapco. Getting something of affordable prices doesn’t have to be quality compromised always. You can also get good quality products at reasonably lower prices. From the house of Tapco, you can get best quality roof shingles, ceramic roof tiles and terracotta roof tiles at affordable prices. This makes Tapco popular as the best one in India for wide range of roofing materials.

What Type of Roofing Tiles Lasts For Years?

You need go no farther than clay tiles for a long-lasting roofing material. Many antique buildings all across the world still contain the clay tiles that have been used for centuries to shield buildings from the weather. They were initially developed out of necessity by ancient civilizations like the Romans who needed resources to construct their roofs, but they quickly gained popularity due to their potent ability to fend off harm from rain and wind.

Clay tiles are now available in a variety of varieties, increasing their usefulness in particular regions or climates. Consider installing clay tile roofs as soon as possible if you want your house or building to last for years without you having to worry about it breaking apart!

Tapco provide you with an exceptional roofing experience. These are the perfect roof tiles since they have every need for a roof tile. The Tapco is in the field of roof tile solutions since around a century. Over the years, we had developed several outstanding roofing solutions and were giving best roofing services. Having a lot of satisfied customers across all parts of Kerala had attained more popularity for the Tapco roof tiles brand in Kerala.

 What Makes Clay Roofing Tiles The Best Choice?

The longest-lasting roof is made of clay, which is also easier to install yourself. Compared to other materials like asphalt or metal, clay tiles are better able to survive severe weather conditions like wind and hail.

Clay roofing tiles are comprised of a natural, long-lasting substance that, in normal circumstances, would last for roughly 100 years. Clay-tiled roofs may last even longer for people who reside in more seasonal locations with heavier rainfall!

They are therefore perfect for houses with high moisture levels (such bathrooms or kitchens) since they can withstand water leaks without cracking or discolour. Rest assured that maintaining a residential tile roof over the winter is surprisingly easy if you’re concerned about how difficult it might be.

There are several features that prove clay roofing tiles the option:

1.Long Life Span – Clay tile roofs have a long lifespan, which can lower the total cost of ownership.

2.Easy To Maintain – Clay roof tiles also require less maintenance than other materials and thus provide an attractive option for those who want their home’s exterior to remain in good condition without constant attention from them or professional help every few months.

3.Durability – Clay tiles do not rot and they’re fire-resistant, making them a great choice for homes with children or pets. 

4.Sound Insulation – Their wide surface area also helps insulate your home’s interior spaces from heat loss while maintaining an even temperature throughout all parts of the house.

5.Ability to Withstand Harsh Weather – Clay is an excellent material for roofs because it can withstand hot and cold weather conditions, as well as harmful ultraviolet radiation. This means that the integrity of your home’s structure will remain intact with a clay roof!

6.Aesthetically Pleasing – Spanish and Mediterranean designs are the most popular options in clay roof tiles. Brick or stone design is trending right now in homes – it compliments well with any kind of roof style!

Clay roofing tiles are a fantastic option for your house and company because they offer the strongest defence against both rain and sunlight. Additionally, they are inexpensive, long-lasting, and durable! Get in contact with Tapco Roofing Tiles for the best roofing solution in Kerala for your dream house.