Ensures that your dream home looks captivating for a lifetime

Wide range of designs for your dream home

Consistent brings to you the widest range of clay-thin tiles, thus setting a benchmark with diverse color and texture options. Setting milestones of our own, we blend state-of-the-art technologies with the artwork. Our high-quality raw materials and their careful processing ensure that your dream home will look captivating for a lifetime. We are mainly focused on Kerala; we are the top provider of clay roof tiles Kerala. Clays are carefully blended to improve plasticity and strength. The tiles are machine or hand molded, dried, and fired in gas-fired tunnel kilns using an advanced computer-controlled system. This ensures that the products are made to exact tolerances in shape, size, color, and strength. Clay tiles have a poor water absorption rate, making lichen and moss growth less likely. If they impede the roof’s ability to drain water, removal might be necessary. Clay tiles are an excellent choice for roofing materials due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ability to withstand adverse weather. Especially in Kerala, here we imported clay roof tiles Kochi branch.

A home needs clay tiles for a variety of reasons.

Energy efficiency: Homes can stay cool in hot weather with the help of clay tiles. They naturally insulate themselves, which can help cut cooling expenditures in the summer.

Aesthetic appeal: Clay tiles have a classic, timeless appearance that can improve the attractiveness and worth of a dream home. They are adaptable to the particular design requirements of the home and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Low maintenance: Clay tiles are a desirable alternative for homeowners who wish to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to maintain their properties in good condition.

Eco-friendly: Clay tiles can be recycled after serving their purpose because they are made of natural materials. They are therefore a sustainable option for homeowners who care about the environment. Topco’s natural clay roof tiles are Eco-friendly and profitable. If you need the products you should visit Topco’s clay roof tiles Trissur branch.

Sustainable Materials: Today’s consumers are looking for environmentally friendly products, and clay tiles suit the criteria. When their lifespan is up, these tiles can be recycled because they are comprised of natural materials.

New trends in clay tiles have emerged here.

Topco’s Clay tiles are visually appealing because they are available in a wide range of hues, textures, and designs, allowing homeowners to select a look that matches the style and architecture of your house. Overall, clay tiles are a crucial component of a home’s roofing system because of their dependability, resilience to the elements, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and advantages for the environment. In general, clay tiles have several advantages for dream homes, including toughness, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, low upkeep, and environmental friendliness. Especially in Kerala, Topco’s clay roof tiles Ernakulam branch has a variety of stock. Homeowners who use clay tiles for their home’s roofing can benefit from long-lasting beauty and durability while reducing maintenance needs and energy expenditures.

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