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Think you need something to separate your living from your dining? Or perhaps the puja room from the rest of the living room? Or do you want to add an embellishing element to your otherwise ordinary interiors? Look no further—the answer to your dilemma is Tapco Jaali tiles in Kerala. While installing a Tapco jaali may seem cumbersome, it is certainly easier than constructing a wall. Not to mention, how you can customize it to your liking! Take a look at some gorgeous and practical Tapco Jaali ideas installed in the homes we’ve designed here…

Tremendous Designs For Modern Interiors

Jaali, as perforated screens for permitting light and ventilation in buildings, have been extensively used in India. Now jaali is brought up in the way lattice screens have been conceived across the globe. Today, jaali is very familiar with interior and exterior design. The whole world explores the design of Jaalis over time and its varying attributes according to geography, religion, and a multitude of other factors in its modern interpretations and adaptations by contemporary architects through literature reviews and case studies in the design of sustainable buildings in India. One of the principal outcomes of the research is to help architects design better buildings with the traditional element in Terracotta jaali Kerala. Our new designs are very familiar in the whole Kerala interior field.

Widely Used with The Interior For Its Classy Look.

Natural light is emphasized and played with by the structure, the façade materials, the lines, and the planes. Controlled light enters the tomb space as light enters in and the sun’s glare is cut out. Jaalis weave a subtle play of shadow and light and provide a dynamic nature to the subtle peaceful quality of the space within as the shadow changes over the day and different seasons. But now Jaali has an important role in decoration for a classy look on the exterior and interior work.

It screens the inhabitants from the gazes of passersby, providing privacy due to the light difference. jaali is the best cool roof tiles in India at the same time, a visual continuity at ground level and clerestory are maintained between the interiors and exteriors.

Now our new design’s fenestrations are taller and narrower, which allows for deeper penetration of light and air. Adding to the colorfully painted wall and roof surfaces in the interior. In today’s climate, our homes should have jaalis, which should have shutters that can be opened for shadow lights in your room and also be shut during the winter to reduce the inflow of cold air.

As jaalis control the light entering by reflecting some light back from the outer surface, they also reduce the heat associated with it. Unwanted glare is reduced with controlled illumination.

New technology for architecture

 Terracotta jaali tiles brought up advancements in technology and a deviation from and loss of know-how in traditional architecture, mechanical air-conditioning has become the easiest solution to creating comfortable interiors. It is difficult for people now to imagine a life without them, but with the degradation of the environment caused by ozone depletion and the persisting problem of global warming, it is advisable to look back at passive cooling techniques for inspiration. Understanding jaalis is essential to effectively use them in the design to ensure greater thermal comfort.

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