Best Solar Roof Tiles in india

How Solar Roof Tiles Really Works?

Solar roof tiles were introduced in the recent years. It is actually a revolutionary move in the construction and building industry as it can make the population to save electricity. This is especially important as saving electricity is a major concern in a developing country like India. At times, we are facing lack of raw materials for production of electricity. Tapco tiles, the most popular roof tile brand in India is introducing best solar roof tiles in India.

A Step for Sustainable Housing

Tapco is bringing this to market as a new and improved version of resilient, miniature solar panels. This is a monumental step for proponents of sustainable housing. Solar roof tiles can contribute to the concept of sustainable living and green building in India. We believe the solar cell roof tiles have the potential to make a big impact in a country like India.

What are the Benefits we can Expect with Solar Roof Tiles?

In the last few years, we might have seen the installation of conventional solar panels on the top of houses. The solar roof tiles are actually different from this conventional form of solar panels. The solar shingles are especially infused with copper indium gallium (di) selenade (CIGS). It will allow the thin solar films to bring maximum conversion efficiency. The solar tiles are not only sun-soaking like solar panels, but they are also easy to install. Solar panels are traditionally of large frame products with silicone cells. It must be placed usually in a way by drilling onto a roof through existing shingles. It is then sealed with caulk to ensure watertightness. With excellent quality solar roof tiles, Tapco is the leading solar roof tile dealer in India.

Solar shingles on the other hand requires no drilling. They have quickly become the roof, not as the extension of the roof. The solar roof tiles actually fall under the category of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs). These are solar modules that are incorporated on buildings as construction materials. You may be aware that BIPV is already a trending topic in green

Aesthetically Pleasing Sustainable Roofing Solutions

In case of roofing, being sustainable alone will not do the job. It is very important to be aesthetically pleasing. Tapco is introducing good looking, high quality and highly durable solar roof tiles. These solar roofing solutions can definitely add beauty to your home’s exterior. With over 4 decades of experience in the roofing field, Tapco is the leading company to provide sustainable roofing solutions in India.

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