Clay Roof Tiles for Durable and Aesthetically Pleasant Exterior

Clay roof tiling can give homeowners a long-lasting and attractive appearance. Many clay roofs just need occasional care, and some can last for centuries. In comparison to materials like terra cotta, baked clay, moulded concrete, or slate, clay is a realistic option. Tapco is the leading roof tile dealers in Kerala to deliver the best quality clay roof tiles.


Compared to other materials, clay roof tiles last longer. The lifespan of these roofs can reach a hundred years. A clay tile roof should last at least 50 years, even on the low end. This is due to the tiles’ practically unbreakable construction and weather resistance.

Easily Maintained

Clay tiles require less care than other roofing materials, which can reduce the overall cost of ownership. Asphalt shingles are the most popular kind of roof material. They only have a lifespan of 20 years or less, and their upkeep needs extra special consideration. Tapco is the leading ceramic roof tile dealer in Kerala dealing with all sorts of clay roof tiles.


Clay tiles are resistant to fire and insects, and they do not decay. They become structurally sound and attractive for many years to come because of their longevity.


These tiles allow air to easily circulate, which controls rooftop temperatures and aids in maintaining indoor temperatures.

Resistance to Weather

When extreme conditions exist, some materials experience higher expansion and contraction. Clay, on the other hand, keeps the roof’s integrity by withstanding the worst heat and cold waves. They can also withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays.

In contrast to asphalt tiles, they offer:

  1. Better solar reflectivity: Red terra cotta roofing made of unglazed clay is the most reflecting. Around 33% of all solar rays are reflected by it. Only 5 to 15% of the photons will be reflected by a standard asphalt roof.
  2. Higher thermal mass – Essentially, this means that clay tiles may disperse heat at night rather than releasing it all during the day and thereby overheating the house. This helps to increase the energy efficiency of your home in conjunction with the enhanced insulation qualities.


Clay tile roof designs are influenced by Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. This appearance goes well with several siding types. For instance, a clay tile roof can improve the appearance of brick or stone sidings, making it suitable for the most popular home design trends. Tapco is the best roof tile brand in India to bring different sorts of roofing solutions like ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles, and roof shingles.

Devastating Ways Rain Can Impact Your Roofs

Almost all homeowners are pretty sure that the winter season is going to bring some sorts of damage to their homes. Heavy rainfall can be devastating to the integrity and it may affect the integrity of your roof. Here are a few problems that are usually a major concern of homeowners. Tapco Tiles are the leading solar roof tile dealer in India delivering the best quality roofing products. 

Broken Tiles

There is no doubt that the tiles on the roof are the first layer of protection against the elements. In many cases, these tiles can have protected your home for decades. Heavy rain over time is having the possibility of eroding your tiles and they may break. When this happens water will seep into your roof and will start causing a whole host of damage.

Loose Tiles

Other than causing cracks or breakage on your tiles, heavy rain may loosen your tiles and will cause them in falling off completely. Similarly, this will cause bare spots on your roof and will allow water to freely run into the interior of your home. This will ultimately result in getting extensive damage. Tapco is the leading roofing brand in Kerala to delivers the best quality roof tile products and services.

Stagnant Water

Many roofs are pitched at an angle to allow for water to easily run off and into the guttering. If the water gets stagnated on the roof, it will damage the roof tiles first, then all the underlying layers beneath it.

Mould and Mildew

Water that is present inside your roof will lead to mould and mildew in your attic spaces. This will smell bad as well as begin to sweep into the rest of the house. Later on, it will cause a lot of damage and potential health issues.

Damaged Guttering

Guttering and roofline products will carry their weight and can get a hammering when there is heavy rainfall. There is no doubt that guttering is one of the most essential parts of a roof. It is important to collect water from the roof through gutters and channel it into a favourable place.


It is not the rain that will damage your roof always, but the way water acts when it is affected by other elements. During the time of cold weather, frozen rainwater can cause crack in your roof tiles. Choosing Tapco roof tiles can be a good option for your roofs as it is prone to get minimal damages and are long-lasting. By having around 5 decades of experience in the field of roofing, Tapco is the best cool roof tiles in India

Wood Rot

During the rainy season, once the water has managed to penetrate pass through your tiles, it will begin to saturate the roof joints. This will damage the wooden structure of your roofing system. The continuous exposure will create ideal conditions for wood to rot.